We are inspired by the unexpected and moved by the uncommon. Rare documents, forensic evidence, medieval paintings, love-obsessed poets, odd architectural motifs, unknown photographers, cult cinema and offbeat music are some of our influences. Ideas lead to research and trials with ground fabric, innovative materials, color aesthetic, balance and functionality. Each design begins with a commitment to the product as a holistic concept rather than to create an object that can be easily manufactured en-masse.


We only introduce a product line if we can bring something special to the category. Our designs are conceived with the notion of using ground fabric, for example, or a recovered frame of an antique chair, as the starting point for a distinctive product that its owner will cherish for years. Often it takes months to scale ideas from found ‘scraps’ and infuse them with detail, nuance and craftsmanship. A finished sample is the result of many trials using a variety of techniques, materials and colors. An item goes into production only if the sample moves us.


All yarn is hand-dyed to specification by master dyers. Each design is hand-sketched on industrial quality tracing paper. This can take a week or more depending on the intricacy of design. The finished artwork is needle-pricked by hand. The perforated design is printed using indigo dye on to fabric stretched on wooden frames.



VIDEO Sketching

VIDEO Printing


Typically, up to 15 artisans sit around the wooden frame. Each is assigned a portion of the design by the karakhandar (supervisor). A hooked needle is used for most embroidery which is created by drawing the yarn upward from under the tightly stretched fabric. Depending on the intricacy of the design, a yard of fabric can take up to three weeks to produce.

SLIDESHOW1 Embroidery

SLIDESHOW2 Embroidery

VIDEO Embroidery


The embroidered fabric is hand-washed and hand-finished. A team of artisans skilled in quality control pores over every inch of the finished bolt. All our fabrics go through rigorous and repeated checking before packing and shipping.
Our pillows, scarves, bags and other lines that use our fabric are hand-stitched and then go through a second finishing process. Lost City chairs are restored and assembled by specially trained carpenters and then upholstered and finished.