Lost City Products is a New York design house engaged in creating products that are informed by vanishing crafts and inspired by an urban aesthetic. Founded in 2006 with a hand embroidered fabric collection , Lost City has since expanded into pillows, and most recently into a line of scarves and handbags. Our products synthesize sophisticated design sensibility, artisanship and environment friendly production techniques with ethical business practices.
The Lost City fabric collection is available to the trade exclusively through showroom representation. Fabrics embroidered by us have been used in the most distinguished residences and hotels in the United States and Europe. We are also commissioned by leading architects to create extravagant custom embroideries for special projects.


Lost City is driven by the desire to create the most beautiful hand embroidered products in the world by employing artisans who would otherwise lose their livelihood. We believe that business and humanity can co-exist. The extinction of the rare skills possessed by families that still earn their living working with needle and thread will deprive us of a sophisticated art form that has existed for over five hundred years. Our primary goal is to evolve this art by nurturing its craftsmen and using conscientious business practices.

It is no secret that technological progress often has a human cost. Modernization has pulverized many genteel traditions and often entire civilizations have been sacrificed in the name of advancement. Cities once rich in art and culture have vanished. We are not reformists but we are passionately devoted to preserving some of the craftsmanship that enhances our lives and saving a bit of the magic that illuminates our cities. 

Our mission is to make hand embroidery a flourishing art again.


Like many other cities of old, Lucknow, the capital of the most populous state in India, was once a place of mystique and secular traditions. In the 1800s, towards the end of the Mughal Empire, it was India’s center for arts and culture and referred to as the ‘Paris of the East’ due to its traditions of etiquette and opulence, its schools of poetry, music and dance, and its spectacular hand embroidery.

Today, Lucknow is a bustling, chaotic city of deep contradictions. Its world famous architecture has been obliterated by crass commercial structures, its handicrafts industry is starved due to neglect, and its elegant traditions have all but vanished into the dusty haze. While we cannot reverse the ravages of time, there is an embroidery renaissance happening in our workshops, where artisans celebrate and evolve their ancient craft for a new and discerning global clientele.

Lost City is a metaphor for every city, village and hamlet whose art and beauty is under siege, and is moved by courageous thinkers and artists who have dared to go against the grain in pursuit of their passions.


Lost City products are created for global-minded individuals who are drawn to sophisticated and distinct design.


We produce objects of superlative quality using techniques developed under the patronage of the Mughal kings in the 17th century. Lost City products are hand made by artisans who have inherited the craft over generations and refined it to the level of poetry.