The Trembling Delights Of Turkey

Turkey has been a source of inspiration for Lost City for the longest time. Its beautiful, open-hearted people, its secular culture, and its heady blend of ancient and new make it a country we return to again and again for inspiration- a sort of exhilarating Utopia- almost too good to be true. We decided to shoot our new silk line in the edgy exoticism of Istanbul and the surreal beauty of the mountains and caves of Cappadocia. We had a truly nourishing experience we will present to you in our future work.


The road to Urgup is pure rock and roll. A flag of Lost City silk flutters on a vagabond tree


A local lady from Urgup invited us to her home and was happy to model Lost City’s Tulip design.


The caves of Goreme have beautiful churches that date back to the 12th century. Our fabrics are inspired by their frescos.